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Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body — What is it?

Every school has to have a governing body made up of a number of governors to oversee the running of the school.

Our head teacher, Mrs Chalk, organises and manages the school on a day-to-day basis, working within policies and guidance agreed by the governing body and The White Horse Federation.

The governors are accountable to The White Horse Federation, the diocese, the local authority, and, most importantly, our community, which comprises our children, staff, parents, and local people.

The governing body is responsible for:

  • Making sure the school provides the best possible education for all its pupils.
  • All major decisions about the school and its future.
  • Setting the school’s vision and strategic aims.
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance to ensure the school is accountable to those it serves.
  • Acting as a critical friend to the head teacher.

How does the local governing body do this?

The full governing body meets six times each academic year, approximately every 2 months. There is an ethos committee that meets to ensure the Christian ethos is maintained in all that the school does. There is also a number of different panels that are required for different issues as they arise, such as admissions, exclusions, and staff pay.

What does the local governing body do exactly?

With the support of the head teacher and staff, the governors consider and make decisions on a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Child protection.
  • Standards.
  • The curriculum.
  • Admissions.
  • Staffing.
  • Discipline and attendance.
  • Communication with key stakeholders.
  • Ofsted inspection.
  • Health, safety, and welfare.
  • Control and use of school premises.
  • Organisational change.

How does the governing body know what’s going on in the school?

Each governor has a number of delegated responsibilities, with regard to subject areas, called link governors. These cover all subject areas as well child protection, health and safety, and I.T.

Governors make regular link visits to the school to learn more about the areas they are responsible for and then feedback to the rest of the governing body.

What sort of people make up the local governors?

To be a really effective set of governors, it is healthy to have a good cross-section of the community represented. Each school’s governing body has a specific make-up depending on what type of school it is.

Before we became an academy, our school was a voluntary aided primary school, and as such, the governing body is made up of:

  • Five foundation governors who are appointed by the church.
  • Two parent governors who are elected by parents.
  • Two staff governors (including the head teacher) who represent the staff.

How do we know what the local governing body is doing?

The minutes of the governing body meetings are on the school website, so you can read up about what’s going on. Important decisions are also communicated through the school newsletter.

How can we contact the local governing body?

If you would like the governors to consider an issue, please email the clerk to the governors, Danny Holland, at [email protected] or bring a letter addressed to Mr Holland to the school office.

Current Local Governors

Mrs Jackie Chalk B.Ed (Hons) Head Teacher
Mrs Fiona Johnson Chair of Governors (SEN, EYFS, Christian Distinctiveness & Ethos)
Mrs Jacqueline Monkton Vice Chair of Governors Co-opted (Pupil Premium & Literacy)
Mr Shaun Cooper Foundation Governor (Child Protection & Safeguarding)
Mrs Victoria Bowes Foundation Governor (Sports Premium, Christian Distinctiveness & Ethos)
Mr Chris Downham Parent Governor (Maths)
Mrs Rebecca De Voogd Co-opted Governor (Christian Distinctiveness & Ethos)
Mr Adrian Biles-Wood Parent Governor
Miss Holly Chivers Staff Governor

Register of Interests 2019-20 & Attendance 2018-19


First Name


Governor Type

Term of Office End Date

Business Interest

Pecuniary InterestGovernor at another Educational EstablishmentAttendance 2018-19




Chair – Foundation



NilYes6 of 6
MrsJacquelineMoncktonVice Chair - Co-opted11/07/2022NilNilNo6 of 6
MrShaunCooperFoundation22/01/23NilNilNo5 of 6







NilYes6 of 6




Staff – Head Teacher



NilYes6 of 6







NilYes5 of 6
Mrs RebeccaDe VoogdCo-opted19/11/2022NilNilNo2 of 5
Miss Holly ChiversStaff31/08/2023NilNilNo-

Previous Governors

  • Mrs Sarah Somers Left 20/11/18
  • Mrs A Pillinger - Left 31/08/19

Our School Governors

Fiona Johnson — (Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor, Christian Distinctiveness & Ethos, SEN & EYFS)

I retired from full-time teaching in 2008 and I’ve worked as a supply teacher since then. I wanted to support Seend Primary School in some way, so I put myself forward as a governor. I enjoy being part of such a successful school and spending time working with the children and staff. My husband and I have lived in Seend since 2008, and we feel very much a part of the community. I have been a governor since 2012.

Jacqui Monkton — (Vice Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor, Pupil Premium & Literacy)

I am an ex-head teacher from Wiltshire and therefore have a clear understanding of what is involved in the running of a school and what all the requirements are. Having retired, it is lovely that I can still be involved in education by working to support Seend School. I live locally and have two grandchildren at the school.

Shaun Cooper — (Parent Foundation Governor, and Child Protection & Safeguarding Governor)

I have been a governor since January 2014 and am proud of what has been achieved so far. It takes patience and determination to achieve our goals, some of which are very ambitious. I endeavour to help the school wherever I can; though my view is not always from an educationalist’s point. I live in Bowerhill and am married to Justine. We have two daughters who attend the school. I am a fully qualified electrical contracts manager and have experience of not just designing and wiring, but also running projects to timescales and within financial budgets. I have an open mind and am willing to consider any suggestions put to me. I believe I am a good listener with a balanced outlook on life. My aim is always to help the school travel the path best suited for the education of the children while upholding the school’s Christian values. I always look forward to working with the team.

Victoria Bowes — (Foundation Governor, Christian Distinctiveness & Ethos & Sports Premium)

I have been a parent at Seend Primary School since 2010; my son is now at secondary school, but I have a daughter in key stage 2. Having always been involved in school life and committed to the success of our school, I very much enjoyed my three years as Vice-chair of Friends of Seend Primary School. When the role of parent governor became available, it seemed the next logical step, allowing me to make a greater contribution and offer more concrete support. As a small business owner and company director — my husband and I run our own wine business together — I have a broad skillset which I hope will be of use to the governing body, bar perhaps the wine-tasting expertise! We have lived in Seend since 2002 and are active in village life, mainly through the tennis club, community centre, and, of course, wine circle.

Chris Downham — (Parent Governor & Maths)

I have lived in Seend Cleeve since 2005 and I am married to Rachel. We have two boys, one of whom started at the school in September 2016. The other is a few years away from school age. My father was a deputy head at a comprehensive school, and many of my family have served as school governors in other parts of the country. Through this I have seen the importance of local people getting involved when they can. I am a director of a financial advice company, and I feel that many of the disciplines this involves are transferrable to my role as a governor. My aim is to not only bring this experience to the role, but to also see things from a parent’s perspective. I want to encourage other parents to share their views with me as well.

Jackie Chalk — (Head Teacher & Christian Distinctiveness & Ethos)

I have been the head teacher at Seend C. of E. Primary School since April 2010. Before that, I was the head teacher at Keevil Primary School. Since graduating from Reading University with a B.Ed honours degree, I have always worked in small, Wiltshire primary schools, and I have no desire to do anything else! The governing body is essential to the successful running of the school, as they hold me to account, help make important decisions, and support me whenever I need it. On a personal note, I live in Trowbridge, I am married with two grown-up daughters, and therefore have experienced the primary education system from both sides.

The composition of the governing body:

  • Two staff (one of which is the head teacher).
  • Two parents.
  • Five foundation.

The White Horse Federation Local Board of Governance

Each school has its own local governing body (LGB). The chair of each LGB will also sit on a collective group of similar chairs, from which one representative will be elected and then co-opted onto the executive board. This process will be repeated every two years, thus affording new chairs the opportunity to be similarly elected.

TWHF executive board has clearly identified the areas of responsibility that they delegate to the LGBs. Although not in any way legally responsible, and not itself accountable for the statutory functions, the LGB has an important role to play in assisting the school to operate effectively in line with the wishes of TWHF executive board as communicated to the LGB.

To learn more, visit The White Horse Federation website.

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