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Pirate Day in Holly Class!

4 March 2019
Pirate Day in Holly Class!

Holly Class were lucky enough to have a visit from Capt'n Jim this week!

The children learnt all about different artefacts and what life was like for a pirate. The children made a great effort at dressing up as a pirate for the day. It really helped them to get into character when learning how to act and speak like a pirate, how to look after the ship, how to use a cutlass and for our great pirate adventure!

The children loved engaging in role play and using their imagination through the use of storytelling and games. The visit was educational, exciting, imaginative and fun! An inspiring start to our topic!

"I liked the pirate coming to our school." - Freddie"
I loved that bit when he had his telescope and was scared when he looked at us." - Ted
"I liked playing with the swords." - Lexi
"I love pirates and I loved dressing up." - Emma
"I liked going on the adventure." - George
"I liked the game when we had to walk past him and he was pretending to be a golden dragon." - Jacob
"I liked the bit when he used a pretend gun and shooted through the hole in the hall roof." - Sebastian

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