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Guo Nian Hao! Celebrating Chinese New Year at Seend

31 January 2020
Guo Nian Hao! Celebrating Chinese New Year at Seend

Last week, children and staff at Seend had a fantastic time celebrating Chinese New Year.

Mrs Pillinger’s Holly Class enjoyed a full day of fun activities learning about the Chinese Spring Festival. Here are just some of the things the children did:

  • Watched a video about the story of the Chinese zodiac called The Great Race. It was also a great way to practise ordinal numbers!
  • Read a non-fiction book together about how people celebrate Chinese New Year around the world.
  • Investigated some amazing Chinese artefacts and became particularly intrigued by some little red envelopes.
  • Watched a clip of a Chinese dragon dance before performing their own using instruments and beautiful Chinese drums from the Wiltshire Library Service.
  • Learned, wrote about, and drew a picture of the zodiac animal from the year each child was born.
  • Had a Chinese food tasting session and recorded their responses in a table with a smiley face or a sad face.

At the end of day, some of the children wanted to colour in their own Chinese dragon. One child was so inspired that she made her own dragon using recycled materials during her playtime.

It was also great to hear the children from Holly Class discuss what they had learned. Michael recalled that “the dragon costume scares away the mean things”, and Grace remembered that the people celebrating “see a whole moon afterwards”. Meanwhile, Max and Sophie learned that “they make paper lanterns” and that “the rat was first in the race.”

In Sycamore Class, pupils learned about the annual festival in more detail. Among the activities they enjoyed, the children:

  • Learned about and discussed the characterisation of each zodiac animal.
  • Tried various Chinese foods and evaluated what they liked and disliked about the taste and appearance.
  • Learned about traditional Chinese New Year customs, including foods, decorations, and rituals.
  • Performed their own dragon dance using some amazing dragon puppets.
  • Received their own lucky red envelopes, which they were excited to open.

We were delighted that pupils from Sycamore Class told us how much they had enjoyed the day and that they now knew much more about China.

Appreciating diversity is an important part of our school mission at Seend. We believe that introducing our pupils to different cultural experiences helps broaden their horizons and enriches their understanding of the world so that they can all make a positive contribution to our global society.

We also love making every day exciting and different for our pupils. All our teachers work very hard organising events throughout the year to make our school a fun and exciting place for children to learn, and it was great to see everyone engaging with the activities.

We’d like to thank everyone involved for making every day different and exciting for pupils at Seend CE Primary School.

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