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Sponsored walk

17 May 2019
Sponsored walk

The whole school took part in the annual sponsored walk today, despite a rather wet start to the day.

KS2 children set off first for their 5 mile round trip down to, and around, the canal. Some time later the Early Years and KS1 children set off on their shorter walk of about 2.5 miles. Staff and parents accompanied the children who look forward to this event which has taken place for well over 15 years.

The money raised usually goes into school funds and is used to buy some much needed extras for the school. This year, however, one of the children has suggested splitting the money raised so that the school keeps half and the other half is given to a charity. As one of our values is Generosity, it is hard to disagree that this is a worthwhile idea.

We have just twinned with a school in Ghana so we will be sending them some money shortly after sponsorship has been collected. A big thanks to Miss McNicol for organising this and for all the staff and parents who supervised.

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