Spirituality, Reflection and Prayer

As a church school, we understand the importance of taking time out to reflect on our behaviour, our feelings, and our place in the world. With that in mind, a special reflection area has been developed and shared with the children, where suitable music is played, candles can be 'lit', and a palm cross, a teddy, and a smooth pebble can be held, The Bible or prayers can be studied, and prompt cards to guide children through this time can be accessed. The area has cushions and a sealed box where worries, thoughts, and questions can be posted. We are also in the process of developing a multi-sensory spiritual reflection area outside by the school pond.

What is meant by Spirituality?

At St George's C of E Primary School we have a shared understanding of the 4 areas of spirituality and provide opportunities for all to be explored across the curriculum as well as during worship.

Spirituality concerns a person's relationship with themselves, with others, with nature and the environment and with the world beyond. These four elements form the basis of our work in developing a strong sense of spirituality in the members of our school community.

The Four Elements

Reflect on...yourself

  • What does it mean to be you?
  • How are you special and unique?
  • What are your values?
  • What do you do that makes you proud of yourself?
  • What can you do to improve?
  • Can you stand up for what is right?

Reflect on...others

  • What effect do you have on others around you?
  • Do you treat people equally?
  • Why do others behave the way they do?
  • Can you influence people to change in a positive way?
  • How can you show compassion?

Reflect on...the world and beauty

  • What do you find beautiful in the world?
  • Why and how should we care for the planet?
  • Is nature always a positive thing?
  • How do things in the natural world, and human creations make you feel and why?
  • Can you draw a picture to show this?

Reflect on...beyond

  • Is God alive now?
  • If you can't see something, is it still real?
  • Why do bad things happen in the world?
  • What happens when someone dies?
  • How big is the sky?
  • Why are there different religions?
  • Why is love important?

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