Our Curriculum

In line with current guidelines set by the Department for Education, we follow the national curriculum in a creative and imaginative way, which is also in line with our teaching and learning policy.

Curriculum Intent

At Seend Primary School, we believe that the curriculum should:

  • We Promise that we will have the highest expectations for all
  • We promise we will uphold our school Christian values
  • We promise we will all be inspired, excited, engaged and curious learners
  • We promise to nurture life long learning

Our curriculum aims to provide for progression through a balance of knowledge and skills across a combination of discreet teaching and robust cross curricular links. It will be made accessible to all children in a fully inclusive manner.

The whole curriculum should also contribute to children's moral, social, cultural and spiritual development in support of our vision for the Seend School community.

As much as possible, work at Seend Church of England Primary School is organised on a topic-based approach, where a broad theme is taken for a period of time. The benefit of this is that it puts the children’s learning into context, giving it relevance, and allows them to apply the skills they are acquiring, rather than keeping their learning in separate areas. Topics are planned carefully to ensure that all facets of the national curriculum are covered in each class over a two-year cycle.

Each group of children take part in daily English and mathematics lessons, which normally take place in the morning. All other curriculum areas are then spread out across the term. For a parents’ guide to English, maths, and science in the new curriculum, click the button below.


More extensive details of the content of each term’s topic are shared on the topics page of the school website at the beginning of that term. As the year progresses, these detailed topic plans will accumulate, although they are not planned in full detail too far in advance as they are very much based on the level and interest of the current children in that class. As such, teachers have to respond and plan accordingly.


To ensure thorough coverage and progression in mathematics, the school follows the CanDo maths scheme, which allows teachers to adapt plans and use paper-based and interactive resources. This also provides online learning activities that can be accessed by the children at home.

2 Year Cycles

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